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Chonky Wool Flower Coasters

Chonky Wool Flower Coasters

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✶ Tufted coasters! Choose from 16 colours.

✶ Measurements are approx 14cm / 5” in diameter.

✶ Please note, Jam is slightly discounted because of its shape compared to the rest of the lot.

✶ Made with wool yarn, backed with water resistant glue and felt.

✶ Each item is made by hand and is unique- no two coasters are identical, they may defer slightly from the measurements given.

✶ Care guide: Spot clean with a damp cloth, vacuum or use a lint roller. Snip stray fibres off instead of pulling on them. Do not to soak, wash, dry clean or expose to extreme heat. Air dry if exposed to water. Keep out of direct sunlight to ensure colour fastness. 

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